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December 5, 2017

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DALLAS – Pete Carr has been known for having one of the biggest and best herds of bucking
horses in ProRodeo.
He just added to it. Carr, owner of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo and Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo, has
acquired the livestock, breeding program and entire rodeo herd from Mack Altizer’s Bad Company
“Mack was an innovator in rodeo, from his breeding program to his production,” said Carr, who
was part of the acquisition of Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co. before establishing Pete Carr Pro Rodeo and
acquiring Terry Walls Rodeo Co. and Classic Pro Rodeo. “By making this purchase, we’re not only
increasing our herd, but we’re also adding quality in the form of great bloodlines and some good
bucking horses.
“This will allow us to add the things we need to help make every rodeo we produce even better,
and it sets us up for years to come.”

The bloodlines date back several decades, and the influences have come from several long-
standing stock contracting families: Sankey, Kirby, Franklin, Vold and Thompson.

“I’m pretty excited with what we’ve seen in the horses that are seasoned,” Carr said. “I think the
potential for the unproven horses is endless, because they have some outstanding bloodlines.”
He understands the importance of having a strong genetic background in bucking animals. In
addition to having acquired some of the greatest in the game, Carr’s breeding program is showing
results. This year, he will have two ranch-raised bucking horses at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo:
Painted River and Dirty Flirt.
Bad Company Rodeo introduced exciting sound, pyrotechnics and increased value in every
production, and many producers have followed suit. The Carr team has been praised for several years for
its level of production.
“Mack was ahead of his time, and most of his innovations are part of how stock contractors
produce our rodeos today,” Carr said. “In getting these horses, we know that we are getting a ton of
really good stock. When you mix in the breeding program to that, we have a lot to look forward to in the
years to come.”

It’s our mission at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo to continue to raise the bar for production and performance in our industry.

Pete Carr

Owner of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

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