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May 5, 2017

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     BRIDGEPORT, Texas – There are a number of reasons why the Karl Klement Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo is considered one of the very best ProRodeos in the country.
For the past two years, Bridgeport’s rodeo has finished top five in voting for Small Rodeo of the Year in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. With PRCA rodeos broken down into four categories, that means it is one of the top 20 of more than 600 events worldwide.
“It’s a great sense of accomplishment for the rodeo committee and this community,” said Loydd Williams, chairman of the volunteer committee that organizes the annual rodeo, set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 12, and Saturday, May 13, at Sunset Retreat and Weddings Arena. “It’s very special to us and worth all the work we put in to making it happen.
“The committee, the city, the EEC and the chamber work very hard to make sure this event continues on in Bridgeport.”
So does the rodeo’s producer, Dallas-based Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, one of the top stock contractors in ProRodeo. Each of the past four years, the Carr firm has been a finalist for PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year; it was also awarded the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association’s Stock Contractor of the Year in 2014.
“Pete mean everything to us,” Williams said. “Over the last five years he’s been with us, we’ve been able to add to the quality of rodeo we want. He adds the quality, and his production is a benefit to us. He brings great acts, a quality work force and great people that he surrounds himself with.
“All that put together is a big reason we’ve been nominated twice in a row for Small Rodeo of the Year.”
Carr not only has an award-winning crew, but he also helps bring in some of the greatest talent in ProRodeo. Andy Stewart is an eight-time nominee for PRCA Announcer of the Year, while funnyman John Harrison has been named the Comedy Act of the Year three times and is one of the most soughtout entertainers in the game.
“You know when Pete’s crew shows up, they take over and handle everything that they can,” Williams said “They’ve got a good enough work force that they tend to make things go easy on us. They take all the pressure of the rodeo off us and make things flow real smooth.”
That type of work ethic and dedication to detail is why Pete Carr Pro Rodeo is at the top of its game and why the Karl Klement Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo is one of the best events in ProRodeo.

It’s our mission at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo to continue to raise the bar for production and performance in our industry.

Pete Carr

Owner of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

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