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October 11, 2017

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HENDERSON, Texas – Rodeo in this east Texas town of more than 13,000 is always a special occasion, but Pete Carr is stepping it up a bit for this year.
The Rusk County PRCA Rodeo – set for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 12-Saturday, Oct. 14, at the Rusk County Expo Center in Henderson – will be home to the Pete Carr Pro Rodeo Big Truckin’ Series celebration.
The nine champions – one from each event – will be crowned with an Rtic cooler. More importantly, though, each champion in attendance during the honors on Saturday night will have the chance to draw for a RAM 1500 pickup.
“I go to a lot of Pete’s rodeos anyway, but now I have had another reason to go to them this year other than good horses and good money,” said Jake Brown, the series’ bareback riding champion from Hillsboro, Texas. “The chance to win a truck at the end of the year is pretty awesome.”
Brown has earned more than $100,000 riding bucking horses in 2017 and is heading to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for the third straight year. Of that, $8,649 was earned at the 13-event Big Truckin’ Series. The Texan has done quite well at Carr rodeos this season, winning championships in Eagle, Colo.; Stephenville, Texas; and Crossett, Ark.
“I looked at the list a little bit this year, but most of those rodeos were ones I was already going to,” he said. “I added a couple here and there because I wanted to help solidify my chances of winning it. I hadn’t been to Crossett in a few years, but I made sure I went this year.”
Brown will be just one of nine to win the Rtic cooler and have their names in the hat for the truck. But there’s a stipulation – the winners of each event must be in attendance on Saturday night to have a chance at the vehicle.
The other winners were steer wrestler Matt Reeves, who won in Hempstead this past weekend to earn the title; header Jake Orman; heeler Will Woodfin; saddle bronc rider Jacobs Crawley; tie-down roper Marcos Costa; barrel racer Taci Bettis; steer roper Trevor Brazile; and bull rider Elliot Jacobys.
“It’s nice that they’re giving the cooler, but that truck would make me happy,” Brown said. “I’ve never won a truck before, so it would be awesome.”
And it will be the perfect way to celebrate the Rusk County PRCA Rodeo and all that Henderson has to offer.

It’s our mission at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo to continue to raise the bar for production and performance in our industry.

Pete Carr

Owner of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

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