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Pete Carr Pro Rodeo & Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo carries several bulls that have made it to the NFR. When an animal has been selected by the bull riders who compete on them throughout the season, it is an honor for the stock contractor.

Click on the names and learn more about each bull.

Time Out | Black Gold | Grave Digger | Air Up There
PJ | Black Powder | Motown | Little White Soldier
Missing Parts | Pimp My Ride | Rocket Man | White Liar
Junior Bonner | Diamond Joe | Medicine Show | Seminole Wind
Footloose | Speck | Hokie Pokie | Second Chances | Rio Bravo
Line Man | Steel Dust | Rattler | Poker Face | Cajun Smurf
Half Nutz | Hermes | Mind Games | Revelation | Thunder Cat
Red Rocket | Uncle Jerry | Lonestar

Featured Bulls

Click on images for larger view and slideshow

Ram Rodeo
Wrangler Western