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Carr Ranch


The Carr Pro Rodeo ranch is surrounded by trees and ponds that provide many of the necessities the animals need to grow strong and healthy.

Carr Ranch


A meadow spreads across the acreage, allowing for a perfect place to raise hay for the animals. It takes a good crew to handle all the tasks on the ranch.


Carr Ranch


Mares and their colts are spread across one of the pasture pens on the ranch’s property as the sun sets over East Texas.


Carr Ranch


Outa Sight, a 11-year-old paint mare, nurses her first foal on the Carr Pro Rodeo ranch near Athens, Texas.

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RanchOvalPicPete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Ranch

Nestled among the towering trees of east Texas lies the Pete Carr Pro Rodeo ranch, a safe-haven for the best animal athletes in ProRodeo and the people assigned to care for them. The acres of property are aligned by piped fencing that allows the animal athletes’ protection, and the trees provide shade and cover. It’s where we raise bucking animals and their babies.

Only The Best

From the top-of-the line Priefert Rodeo & Ranch Equipment arena to the great bucking horses and bulls, the Carr Pro Rodeo ranch features the best in ProRodeo. The animals receive the tender loving care needed for them to perform at a top level every time they enter the chute.

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