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May 9, 2018

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BRIDGEPORT, Texas – The volunteers of Bridgeport’s rodeo understand that if they want to be
one of the best rodeos in the region, they have to surround themselves with the best in the sport.
That’s where the talented crew from Pete Carr Pro Rodeo comes in for the Karl Klement
Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo, set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 11, and Saturday, May 12, at Sunset
Retreat and Weddings Arena.
“We totally trust what Pete Carr is going to do with our rodeo,” said David Turnbow, chairman
of the committee that organizes the annual event. “A few years ago, we revamped our contract with Pete
and turned everything over to him. It’s a turnkey operation now.
“All those things that the committee and chairman were dealing with on a daily basis are turned
over to Pete and his crew when they get to town for the rodeo. We are a small committee and just can’t
get everything done. He has such a great crew of professionals that it was an easy decision.”
Not only does Bridgeport’s rodeo feature many of the biggest names in the game as far as
contestants, it also is home to some of ProRodeo’s greatest talent: announcer Andy Stewart, a nine-time
nominee for announcer of the year; John Harrison, recognized as one of the greatest clowns and
entertainers in the game; and Benje Bendele, who set the bar for sound direction.
“Those guys are the best in the business, and they really do make our rodeo better,” Turnbow
said. “Pete brings in amazing animals to our rodeo every year, and that’s a big deal to the cowboys. It
means something to us, too.”
The Carr crew has been nominated for Stock Contractor of the Year five times and has been
recognized by the cowboys as having some of the best bucking stock in the game. Add in the Carr flair
for production, and it’s a great mixture that is a benefit to the contestants, committee, fans and sponsors.
“I think what makes our rodeo great is that we have great sponsors and great volunteers,”
Turnbow said. “We’ve got great support, and that includes the patrons who come out to our rodeo.
They’re the ones that drive us to keep doing this.
“Without the community support we get, I don’t know what this rodeo would mean. The
community is just a huge support. We also appreciate all the cowboys and cowgirls that travel from all
over the country to come to that rodeo. It keeps us going. It keeps us looking forward.”
It takes thousands of man hours to pull off a successful event, and rodeo is no different. Throw in
the care of all the animals, and the jobs are taken to a different level. That’s why the Karl Klement
Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo committee has been nominated for rodeo of the year and why it hopes to
eventually win the award. The group is trying new things every year to improve the product.
“This year we are going to move our video board to the opposite end of the arena,” he said.
“Instead of having it over the announcer’s stand, we are going to give the fans a different line-of-sight to
show the whole rodeo.
“Our goal is to make everybody happy, and that’s what we strive to do.”

It’s our mission at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo to continue to raise the bar for production and performance in our industry.

Pete Carr

Owner of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

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