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Truck Series

Being innovative is just part of the brand at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, and the Dallas- based livestock producer is taking another step in that direction with the 2017 Pete Carr Pro Rodeo Big Truckin’ Series.
Contestants in each of the nine rodeo events – bareback riding, steer wrestling, heading, heeling, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, barrel racing, bull riding and steer roping– will be part of the 13- event series of Carr rodeos, beginning with the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Frontier Days and PRCA Rodeo, set for June 7-10 in Weatherford, Texas.

“Contestants who earn money at our rodeos from Weatherford to Hempstead (Texas) have a chance to win their respective events in the series,” owner Pete Carr said, noting that the final rodeo of the series is set for Oct. 5-7. “The event winners at the end of the series will win a Rtic cooler and will get to draw for a RAM 1500 pickup.”

Saturday, October 14, 2017 will be the Pete Carr Pro Rodeo Truck Series winner presentation at the Rusk County PRCA Rodeo in Henderson, Texas.

“We’re going to keep track of the standings on our website, PeteCarrProRodeo.com,” Carr said. “I’m pretty excited about this series and what it means for the contestants and those rodeo committees. We have a lot of great rodeo committees we’re involved with each year, and I think it’s great they will be part of the series.”

Top money winner that is present will accept an Rtic Cooler and will draw for the chance to win the pickup.  Nine event winners will be represented on Saturday that reflect each discipline.
Leaders in each event that are not present, forfeit the cooler presentation and the chance to draw for the truck.  The contestant that is present with the highest money won will be designated as the event winner.


Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Xtreme Bulls, Weatherford, Texas, June 6
Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Frontier Days and PRCA Rodeo, Weatherford, Texas, June 7-10 Big Spring Cowboy Reunion and Rodeo, Big Spring, Texas, June 15-17
West of the Pecos Rodeo, Pecos, Texas, June 21-24
Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, Eagle, Colo., July 19-22
Deep South PRCA Rodeo, Winnsboro, La., Aug. 3-5
Lea County Xtreme Bulls, Lovington, N.M., Aug. 8
Lea County Fair and Rodeo, Lovington, N.M., Aug. 9-12
Crossett Riding Club PRCA Rodeo, Crossett, Ark., Aug. 9-12
Four States Fair Xtreme Bulls, Texarkana, Ark., Sept. 13
Four States Fair and Rodeo, Texarkana, Ark., Sept. 14-16
Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo, Stephenville, Texas, Sept. 22-24
Waller County Fair and Rodeo, Hempstead, Texas, Oct. 3-5
Henderson PRCA Rodeo, Henderson, Texas, Oct 12-14

Click on event name below to view the standings:



Bareback Riding | Steer Wrestling | Header | Heeler | Saddle Bronc Riding | Tie-down Roping
Barrel Racing | Steer Roping | Bull Riding

Bareback Riding
ContestantMoney Won
Jake Brown$8,648.79
Tilden Hooper$6,527.18
Orin Larson$5,351.23
Jamie Howlett$4,615.40
Will Lowe$4,169.76
J.R. Vezain$4,102.61
Trenton Montero$3,897.24
Anthony Thomas$3,280.11
Richmond Champion$2,906.45
Evan Jayne$2,672.26

Steer Wrestling
ContestantMoney Won
Matt Reeves$7,890.21
Tyler Waguespack$6,590.61
Jule Hazen$5,773.98
Clayton Haas$4,744.65
Casey Martin$3,767.39
Sterling Lambert$3,666.00
Justin Shaffer$3,627.46
Cody Cabral$3,612.08
Kyle Irwin$2,864.75
Clint Thomas$2,529.54

Team Roping Header
ContestantMoney Won
Jake Orman$11,927.77
Chad Masters$7,811.24
Tom Richards$7,0735.34
Tyler Wade$6,428.70
Clay Tryan$5,966.86
Tyler Waters$5,952.34
Luke Brown$5,749.01
Brandon Webb$5,351.15
Kelsey Parchman$4,210.36
Tanner Baldwin$4,192.63

Team Roping Heeler
ContestantMoney Won
Will Woodfin$10,588.77
Travis Graves$7,811.24
Clint Summers$6,428.70
Jake Long$6,229.08
Jade Corkill$5,966.86
Kollin VonAhn$5,351.15
Ryan Motes$5,044.28
Chase Tryan$4,210.36
Cody Pearson$4,098.63
Brady Norman$4,021.69

Saddle Bronc Riding
ContestantMoney Won
Jacobs Crawley$8,899.16
Heith DeMoss$8,342.69
Isaac Diaz$7,478.00
Sterling Crawley$5,883.44
Chet Johnson$4,757.13
Wyatt Casper$4,537.59
Bradley Harter$3,973.94
Colt Gordon$3,447.26
Hardy Braden$2,604.89
Body Cress$2,249.92

Tie-down Roping
ContestantMoney Won
Marcos Costa$16,299.97
Cory Solomon$10,772.95
Ryan Jarrett$7,441.64
Blane Cox$6,990.35
Shank Edwards$6,589.34
Sterling Smith$6,449.93
Kody Mahaffey$5,293.30
Reese Riemer$5,272.40
Caleb Smidt$5,207.90
Cheyenne Harper$4,614.17

Barrel Racing
ContestantMoney Won
Taci Bettis$9,131.53
Kelly Bruner$8,979.03
Hailey Kinsel$4,570.28
Ivy Hurst$4,401.22
Katelyn Scott$4,140.02
Morgan Breux$3,453.47
Jill Tanner$3,444.80
Kellie Collier$3,290.00
Tami Semas$3,248.68
Dena Kirkpatrick$3,159.30

Steer Roping
ContestantMoney Won
Trevor Brazile$9,859.49
Tuf Cooper$7,582.91
Jason Evans$6,736.62
Rocky Patterson$6,207.69
Mike Chase$5,892.60
Vin Fisher Jr.$5,785.82
Shay Good$4,363.67
Brent Lewis$4,246.45
Scott Snedecor$4,190.75
Chet Herren$3,986.83

Bull Riding
ContestantMoney Won
Elliot Jacoby$20,519.35
Sage Kimzey$18,008.75
Lex Oakley$9,967.57
Markus Mariluch$9,197.33
Cole Meloncon$9,092.11
Cody Teel$8,987.97
Brennon Eldred$7,171.87
Koby Radley$7,130.74
Trevor Kastner$6,083.04
Kenny Westrope Jr$4,256.01

It’s our mission at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo to continue to raise the bar for production and performance in our industry.

Pete Carr

Owner of Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

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